Shell Investment Provides Hands-on Learning Opportunities |

Shell Investment Provides Hands-on Learning Opportunities

In March 2015 Shell Canada announced that it will contribute $600,000 to Dalhousie University through the Shell Campus Ambassador Program (CAP). The investment will be used to provide hands-on learning opportunities to students in the faculties of engineering, science and management.

$500,000 of the investment will be directed towards the Shell Experiential Learning Fund (SELF). SELF provides students with hands-on learning experiences by supporting opportunities like field trips, guest lectures, conference and event attendance, and extracurricular team competitions. The program’s goal is to attract and expand learning opportunities for the best and brightest students.

The remaining $100,000 will be used to establish Shell’s new Offshore Energy Fund. The fund will support student learning opportunities related to offshore oil and natural gas exploration and development.

Since 2005, Shell Canada Limited has invested $1.9 million in the CAP at Dalhousie University. The university’s relationship with Shell began in the early 1960s. Since then, Shell has supported hundreds of Dalhousie students by providing scholarships, co-op placements and tools for discovery.