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Atlantic Canada Offshore Safety Share

The Purpose of the Atlantic Canada Offshore Safety Share portal is to provide CAPP members, their contractors and the offshore workforce with a forum for sharing safety alerts related to their work in the Atlantic Canada offshore. Sharing information about incidents and near misses can help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Facilitating access to these documents via the Safety Share portal is meant to enhance information sharing processes that are already in place, not replace them.

This site also includes videos developed by CAPP that are intended to be used as safety moments. CAPP members and their contractors are free to use these videos for the purpose of safety moments/briefings at the start of any meeting or event, in accordance with the legal disclaimer noted below.

Safety Alerts



CAPP Dropped Objects Video
CAPP Mental Health Stigma Video
CAPP Safety Moment Series Aker Solutions Improving Safety Through Sharing
CAPP Safety Moment Series ECRC The Danger of Assuming
CAPP Safety Moment Series Equinor Using Data to Drive Safety
CAPP Safety Moment Series Relyon Nutec The Importance of Self Identifying When Experiencing Anxi
CAPP Safety Moment Series Waterford Energy Preventing Incidents with Process Safety Management
CAPP Safety Moment Series Suncor Expect the Unexpected

Disclaimer: In addition to the disclaimer of warranties and conditions and the limitation of liability and indemnity in the Terms of Use for this site which may accessed in full at the link below, information shared on the Safety Share site is provided voluntarily by CAPP members and their contractors and is intended for their use only. CAPP and its member companies and their respective contractors shall not be considered as having made any covenant, guarantee, representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or appropriateness of the information. CAPP members and contractors in the Atlantic Canada offshore region are permitted to use any of CAPP’s Safety Moment videos included on this site for the purpose of leading a safety moment at the start of a meeting or event. These videos are not to be used for any other purpose. Use of or reliance on such information is at the users sole risk. Access to this site or use of the information on the site shall constitute user’s acknowledgement, acceptance of the Terms of Use on this website as well as this disclaimer. If a user does not agree to such Terms of Use and this disclaimer, it shall immediately cease use of this site in any manner whatsoever, including without limitation the information contained on the Safety Share site.