Husky Energy Donates $1 Million to Develop Cancer Prevention Program |

Husky Energy Donates $1 Million to Develop Cancer Prevention Program

About half of cancers can be prevented, but research shows that many Canadians are not taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle and are not aware of the benefits of cancer screening and prevention methods. A new awareness program sponsored by Husky Energy aims to change that in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Husky Energy Canadian Cancer Society Donation

In July 2014, Husky Energy donated $1 million to the Canadian Cancer Society to expand its existing cancer prevention program in the province.


The Husky Energy Cancer Prevention Program will include:

  • Community outreach, including talking to elementary school students about sun safety awareness, cancer prevention, early cancer screening and detection;
  • Education and information materials on cancer prevention and screening, shared through information booths, fairs and other public gatherings;
  • WellnessFits, a workplace program that will provide employees with tools and information about key cancer risk factors and how to recede them; and
  • Nutrition initiatives on healthy eating, promoted through a variety of public events.

The program will target schools, workplaces and families across the province, including remote areas.