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Hebron Brings Ocean Research into the Classroom Through Digital Oceans Project


The Hebron Project supports education programs that expose young people to careers in ocean sciences, technology and engineering. In November 2013, the Hebron Project, operated by ExxonMobil, contributed $150,000 to the Digital Oceans Project, an innovative digital media program developed by the Oceans Learning Partnership to help high school students in Newfoundland and Labrador research the marine environment.

Through the year-long project, students at 30 schools across the province have had a unique opportunity to access technology and educational material from vessels and university field facilities. Students have designed and produced a series of mobile applications to map the seabed in Holyrood Bay, Bonne Bay and Newman Sound. They have also assisted in the development of an educational website that will stream video content from underwater equipment and marine field facilities affiliated with the Oceans Learning Partnership, Memorial University and Parks Canada into classrooms across the province.

The Hebron Project’s contribution builds on its existing relationship with the Oceans Learning Partnership, a private-public partnership that supports and promotes the development of hands-on, at-sea learning experiences for high school students in the province. The Hebron Project previously contributed $400,000 to the Oceans Learning Partnership’s at-sea marine education program for schools.