Continuous Improvement Plan |

Continuous Improvement Plan

CAPP, working with members active in Newfoundland and Labrador, has developed a plan to help facilitate continuous improvement across the Atlantic Canadian offshore industry.

The plan, titled Collaborating for Safety and Sustainability, outlines a vision to make Atlantic Canada the safest and most environmentally responsible offshore operating region in the world, and identifies 13 focus areas that CAPP and members will make progress on in 2020 to help achieve the vision.

Atlantic Canada Safety and Sustainability Cover
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Collaborating for Safety and Sustainability will be a living document that will be updated annually as new focus areas and priorities are identified.

Environment, health and safety goes beyond individual operators and must be industry wide, increasing collaboration and information sharing.

Read more about the offshore industry’s commitment to raising the bar on safety and sustainability: Collaborating for Safety and Sustainability: A Continuous Improvement PlanIn July 2020 CAPP released an update on implementation of the plan. Read the mid-year update: Collaborating for Safety & Sustainability: Implementation Update.